Our coffee is ethically sourced. We buy our beans through direct trade in order to better support the farms and farmers who work so hard to harvest quality coffee. Our coffee is micro roasted. We roast our coffee one batch at a time so that we can better focus on each individual bean and make sure your are getting the best quality. Our coffee is roasted to order. We roast your coffee as soon as you order to ensure that it is as fresh as possible.


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Elohim Eden is our creative outlet. Outside of our passion for coffee, we have a deep desire to create with what has been created for us. We strive to become closer to our creator as we follow after his example. "Elohim" is a name for God as the creator of the universe. "Eden" is heaven come to earth. The gift of creating has brought a little bit of heaven to earth for us and we hope it does for you as well.

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