Plague Coffee Roasters is dedicated to loving those around us through making quality, ethically sourced, inspired products. We strive to roast quality coffee that is acquired by direct or fair trade. We do this in order to better support the coffee farms which allows for better coffee for the consumer. Roasting with direct trade coffee allows us to fight against the slave industry. When you order coffee from us, we roast your batch and send it out in a timely manner, ensuring the freshness of your coffee.

We are all plagued by something; the burden of finances, anxiety, depression, busy schedules, family conflict, etc. We are all broken people in need of a safe place to lay down our struggles and feel free. The idea to call this ministry Plague is to create an atmosphere of safety where people can run wholeheartedly to the feet of Jesus without fear of condemnation. In Exodus, God sent the ten plagues to Egypt in order to save His people. Our God did everything and continues to do everything to draw us closer to Him. We pray that this ministry can be a place where we look past each others brokenness in order to see Jesus.

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